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Don't ever pay money to read content on New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, et alia.
Don't Pay a Dime to read NYTimes, WaPo, LATimes Online

Keep free press freeIf you pay for content, you should not have to endure and be bombarded with ads. The so-called 'free press' wants to charge you to read news and also want to sell you to the advertisers. Do not be a sucker: Say no to paywall erected by news organizations such as New York Times (, Washington Post (, Los Angeles Times ( and other news media.

Crack Paywall by destroying Cookies: The ONLY way these newspapers can track how many news items you have read is through cookies, which are small 'calling cards' these websites leave on your computer, and track how many articles you have read. Once the count is up to 5 or 10, the Times, WaPo, and LA Times want you to start paying to read content. They tempt you with low-ball offers of $0.99 for the first month and $2.40 a week thereafter. In a year, you could be spending $110 to read content on these online editions of New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, et al. But then, the newspapers also keep hitting you with advertising. That is unfair. If you pay to listen to Pandora or Spottify, you do not have to endure ads that ruin your listening pleasure. But, when you 'subscribe' to online content of these newspapers, you have to pay and will be sold to advertisers. In fact, the same cookies that tracked how many articles you had read when you were 'freeloading' will now track your behavior with respect to how you respond to advertising messages. Do not be a sucker; say NO to Paywall.

Say NO to Paywall

Read Mo Dowd, Kristoff, Friedman for free   There is a way, which is perfectly LEGAL, to read unlimited content on these and other newspapers having a PAYWALL. We show you how to be a 'cookie-buster' and crack paywall for $5. For more information on how to make the payment and receive instructions to bust cookies, and to crack paywall, send us Email:

NYTimes Shameless Censorship
New York Times Censors comments, and does not allow non-liberal opinions
America's Pravda
Old Lady of Times Square

The New York Times, of all the major newspapers, is not only not free but it also exercises Pravda-style Censorship. Under the guise of moderation, it censors comments that are deemed not liberal. While the Times expects that it be allowed to report news and write editorials without any 'censorship' by the government, it does not extend the same first-amendment right to you as a reader/commenter. it extends 'verified commenter' privilege to some ultra-liberal commenters like Karen Garcia, Rima Rigas, et al. Do not be a sucker: send a message to the Times that you will not tolerate censorship of your opinions.

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